Contact the Library Directly


You are required to schedule an appointment date, time and length of time, in order to come in to utilize the Sonoran University Library. If you are unable to keep your appointment, it is absolutely essential that you contact us at your earliest possible convenience to cancel. Available appointment spots are limited. Know that we are still here for you for any of your Library and resource needs. Please contact the Library by e-mail:    Please indicate date, time, length of time required, and purpose of visit. We look forward to serving you.




Sonoran University Library Privileges for Alumni

All SCNM / Sonoran University Alumni will continue to have access to Sonoran University Library Resources for up to 6 months after graduation. After that time Alumni will continue to have some Sonoran University Library Privileges on a restricted basis.


Subscription Databases

For most of the Fee Based Subscription Library Databases, we are contractually obligated to close access to SCNM / Sonoran University Alumni. However, the Library page on MySonoran does offer a lot of Web Links and Open Access resources, as well as a few unique resources and materials only accessible through your MySonoran Log-in. This includes using the iSearch feature to locate and identify resources, but not necessarily to always have direct access.


On-Site Access

Meanwhile, if you live within driving distance of Sonoran University, then you most certainly can come in for a visit Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. With your laptop, you can access any of the Library Databases while on campus, as well as check out books, videos, etc. If you do check out books and other materials from us, then your Sonoran University Library Account Log-On will work on the Library Catalog Account access portal.


Other Library Resources

Where ever you live or work, you most certainly will want to get to know your city, county and state library and the resources they have; including online resources accessible from home or office. You would be surprised by how much online resources you can access from home or office once you set up your Library account at one of these Libraries. Meanwhile, most hospitals have a medical library, usually open to the public, with a bigger wealth of medical resources than the Sonoran University Library, including e-resources usually only accessible onsite. Also, many community colleges and universities, especially those with extensive science, nursing and medical programs, have a wealth of resources as well. Usually an annual fee for a Community Borrower’s Card will allow you to use these resources. Also, don’t forget about your Undergrad institution. Usually with your Alumni membership, you can access e-resources from anywhere. Get to know these libraries and find out what you may or may not have access to. If you are still near Sonoran University, make time to come and sit down with Library Staff for a more detailed explanation and instruction of many of these types of resources. Also, many historic original Naturopathic Resources (pre 1924) are available for free through sites such as GoogleBooks and, ie. Kent, Allen, Culpepper, Hahnemann, etc.


PubMed Account, Journals Research & Inter-Library Loan

Of course, through the Sonoran University Library, you should have become familiar with PubMed, the free extensive journals indexing database provided by the National Library of Medicine. Frequently, your searches can result in Free Full Access articles. However, you may not realize that through PubMed, you can set up a personal account and then through that account order Journals. Send your 'Orders' to the Sonoran University Library at  The Library will fill all ILL requests electronically to any and all SCNM / Sonoran University Alumni anywhere for Free. Visit our Journal Articles Research / Inter-Library Loan page for more information regarding access to full text journal articles, or utilizing our Interlibrary Loan service.