Welcome to Student Services on MySonoran! Sonoran University Student Services is proud to offer support services, assistance and resources to our students and partner with students to maximize their success at Sonoran University and beyond. 

This intranet portal is accessible to all Sonoran University students and is designed to offer many features and resources.  Please utilize the menu on the left to navigate to different Student Service offices, which include contact information and appointment scheduling.


Student Support Services

ND Student Success Team

ND students who require assistance should contact their Academic Advisor:

MS Nutrition Student Success Team

Online MS Nutrition students who require assistance should first contact their Student Success Coach:

Excused Absence / Missed Graded Assessment Activity

Students should request an Excused Absence where they have or will miss an assignment deadline, exam or quiz, clinic rotation, mandatory course attendance, or any other required graded assessment activity per your course syllabus due to:

  • Illnesses
  • Accidents
  • Emergencies
  • Bereavement (Depending on situation+)
  • Other extenuating and unforeseen circumstances out of the student’s direct control (see Student Handbook for more details).

There are two steps that must be completed, within 24 hours of occurrence unless incapacitated*, to request an Excused Absence:

  1. Notify faculty as per course syllabus requirements (phone, email, text, etc.)
  2. Complete an Excused Absence Request Form completely.

If you have any question about the policy or the process, please feel free to contact the Dean of Students at DOS@scnm.edu.

NOTE: If you are not missing any graded item, then no excused absence is required.

*Incapacitation occurs when a student is completely impaired, helpless, and unable to perform any functions for themselves or mentally make any decisions or interact with others. Incapacitation may also occur when student is physically restricted from any means of communication with the school due to occurrences such as hospitalization, communications blackout due to natural disaster, or similar physical restrictions not under direct control of the student.

+Bereavement is limited to three days. Please identify the situation with the Dean of Students in your request. Notification to DOS may exceed 24 hour time limit depending on the situation.

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Please use the button below to schedule an phone or in-person appointment with the following individuals:

  • Admissions
  • Online Programs Student Success Team
  • ND Advising and Engagement Coordinator
  • Career Services
  • Dean of Students
  • Financial Aid
  • Learning Specialist
  • Registrar's Office

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