Testing Center & Missed Exams

It is a reality that “Life Happens while you are busy making other plans." Medical School is no different. It is understood that outside forces may prevent you from making it to a scheduled exam. In addition to the many functions of the Sonoran University Library, and the various rooms and resources, the Library also has a Testing Center, which is utilized in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office, and the Accessibility Office, for those times when unforeseen events occur. As soon as possible (within 24 hours), before anything else, notify your Faculty AND the Dean of Students of your inability to attend class. This will dictate whether you will be allowed to Make-up an exam. Meanwhile, additionally, before or when an exam is missed, immediately contact your instructor and the Dean of Students, requesting to make up the exam. For any questions or clarification, please feel free to discuss or initiate the process with the Dean of Students or Library Staff.
The responsibility is upon the student to take the necessary action(s) to make-up a missed exam.
Meanwhile, please review this document of the official Procedure for arranging to make up a missed exam:  Make-Up Exam Procedure