Computer Hardware/Software Specifications


Important:  Please visit our technical compatibility check website by visiting:

This tool will:

  • Evaluate the software on your computer to ascertain compatibility with Sonoran University applications. 
  • Provide latest hardware/software requirements to successfully interact with our systems.


Important:  Most Sonoran University systems are web-based - you will need to have consistent Internet bandwidth to interact with these tools.

A quick word on web browsers and mobile platform access:

  • Sonoran University systems are accessible by current versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Mac-based Safari browsers will likely function but are not recommended.
  • The significant variability of computers, operating systems, web browsers, applications, standards and versions may pose access challenges for some systems. If you find that a system does not work on a specific browser, consider trying a different browser.
    We highly recommend the Google Chrome browser, which is available for Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android devices.
  • Consider periodically refreshing your browser cache. This tends to solve many browser performance issues. Visit the website: for guidance on your specific browser(s).
  • Sonoran University systems are not yet formally supported for access on mobile platforms - however, some or even all system features may be functional on your specific device. A computer or laptop, however, is the recommended platform for primary use. 
  • Note that we discourage the use of Chromebook devices due to their limited functionality.
  • Keeping your system updated (operating system, Internet browsers, Adobe Reader, Java, anti-virus, etc.) will provide the best interaction experience with our systems.

Internet Connectivity:

  • Access to high-speed network connection (broadband connection such as cable or DSL - not dial-up) with minimum 1.5MB upload and download speeds. When participating in computer-based audio/video conferencing, a wired connection to the Internet is recommended.
  • Check your Internet speed using online tools such as: