Help With the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft Office 365 is an integrated suite of applications and services designed to increase productivity.  Microsoft Office tools are required and available to students through their Office 365 account provided through Sonoran University .  The most common applications that students will use in the program include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.  By the end of this section, you will have a better understanding of the suite of tools available through Microsoft Office 365 that you can utilize to create and submit your assignments and projects. 

         Microsoft Word Training - Click here

         Microsoft Excel Training - Click here

    Microsoft PowerPoint Training - Click here

         Microsoft Outlook Training - Click here

    Additional Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Help & Training - Click here



Access Office Training From Within an Office 365 Application

1. Click the Help tab.

2. Click the Show Training icon located on the Ribbon Menu.  

3. A list of the available training's for the Office application will appear on the right side of the application window.



Additional Instructional Videos & How-To Guides

Note: You must be logged into MySCNM for the following links to work.

Word - Microsoft Word Instructions.docx

Excel - Microsoft Excel Instructions.docx

PowerPoint - Microsoft PowerPoint Instructions.docx

           Insert audio narration into PowerPoint slides: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3

           Create PowerPoint videos

           Add audio narration, and publish PowerPoint as video

           Maximizing Printing in PowerPoint 2010.pdf

OneNote - Using OneNote video


How to set up Office 365 and Email Applications on Mobile Devices –

The following links provide instructions on how to install the Outlook email application and the Office 365 applications. The links also contain instructions on how to add your SCNM email to the native email application for each operating system.

Android phone and tablet –

Install Office 365 on an Android device

iOS – (iPhone or iPad)

Install Office 365 on an iOS device

Windows Phone –

Install Office 365 on a Windows phone

You can continue to securely access your email from any location on the Internet via the Office 365 Web App portal. It provides full access to your Outlook Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks.



If you still need assistance with any of the above please contact the IT Helpdesk, click here.